To my wife,

Shannon M. Darnell

May you R.I.P

By William P. Darnell Sr.



As we lay next to each other, 

not embraced, it breaks my heart. 

We wake each morning day, holding

one another, but still never embraced. 

It tears at my being, 

that I long to be with you. 

As my heart yearns and longs, 

to touch your heart, to caress your mind, 

and to embrace your soul. 

It’s endless as to the touch of a flower. 

I have searched the highs and lows, 

the mountain’s to the sea’s, 

and the sea’s to the heavens above. 

And now the embraceable has been found, 

in a yearning heart like mine. 

For the beauty that she shows,

the love that she shares, 

is far beyond anything I have dreamed. 

To this, I thank you for the embrace,

that you have given to me,

that I have only dreamed to be. 


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