​Easter To Enjoy

By William P. Darnell Sr.

Jesus came to earth, 

to show us how to live. 

How to put others first, 

how to love and how to give. 

Then He set about His work, 

that God sent Him to do. 

He took our punishment on Himself, 

He made us clean and new. 

He could have saved Himself, 

calling Angels from above. 

But He chose to pay our price for sin, 

He paid it out of love. 

Our Lord died on Good Friday, 

but the cross did not destroy. 

His resurrection on Easter morn, 

that fills our hearts with joy. 

Now we know our earthly death, 

like His, is just a rest. 

We’ll be forever with Him, 

in Heaven, where life is best. 

So we live our lives for Jesus, 

think of Him in all we do. 

Thank you Savior, 

thank you Lord, 

help us love like You!

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