By William P. Darnell Sr.


A boy needs a Grandpa, 

for man-to-man talks. 


To go hand in hand, 

on companionable walks. 


To fix up his toys, 

when they no longer go. 


To tell him the things, 

little boys want to know. 


A boy needs a Grandpa, 

to show him the way. 


To handle a puppy, 

to teach him fair play. 


To impart bits of wisdom, 

he’s learned through the years.


That it’s no disgrace, 

for a man to shed tears. 


A boy needs a Grandpa, 

to sit on his lap. 


And if no one is looking, 

they take a wee nap. 


Each wrapped in an aura, 

of love and esteem. 


Each smiling gently, 

at some special dream.


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