Let Me

By William. P. Darnell Sr.

Let me love you, 

in all it’s form.

Let my heartbeat, 

keep you safe and warm.

Let me be your, 

forever and a day.

My life begins through, 

everything you say.

Trust my soul as it, 

dries your tear.

I promise my love, 

I will always be here.

For one look-

For one smile- 

Will say more than, 

all words combined.

My soul was meant, 

to find  you. 

Here hold my hand, 

I’ll show you how I feel.

Showering you with happiness, 

nobody can steal.

Let me fill you with my spirit, 

no love can hide.

I’ll give you everything, 

my hearts got inside. 

You’ll never be, 

unhappy in my arms.

You’re in my eyes-

look and realize-

I’d rather have you, 

without a future, 

than a future without you.

Love is all I got-

Love is so real.

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