A National Tribute To Chris Cornell

​A Tribute To Chris Cornell; 

Such a treasure! He’ll always live in our hearts, and nothing can take that away from any of us! Beauty of death, can sometimes make treasureable moments that we all ban together as moments that break worlds such in his memorable footprints that he left behind for us to live on, not forgetting his time here, but seeing the beauty that he left to just stop, look around and see them as this! 

Rock on, in those Sky’s of blue, you will never be forgotten in our lives and hearts and souls. Your are an inspiration to many and talented singer, writer and music encouragement to millions. Thank you for being the artist you are, I’m grateful. You’re loved and still loved, and your love will remain here in this life for all eternity as it is marked now. Inspiring artist you are, R.I.P Chris Cornell and play your music and sing your songs to Angel’s up there including God! God Bless you brother…


By William P. Darnell Sr.


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