Poetry Corner 

Ascension To Ascending

By William P. Darnell Sr 

I was standing facing east,
 to the horizon.

It was peeking from the clouds, 
I haven't seen this aside.

 I was amazed and astonished, 
as I fell to my knees. 

My eyes full of tears, 
making it harder to see. 

The silhouette I saw there, 
was coming closer to me.  

I felt my body lifting, 
as I looked up to Thee.

My body ascending, 
I was filled with complete love. 

I felt a presence there,
that I haven't felt before. 

Then a Voice had spoken, 
it was the language of love.

I felt a hand upon me,
I looked straight up above.

My God the Father, with His Son, 
they had chosen me.

I find myself with a guidance, 
the Holy Spirit lead me the way. 

Speaking in the tongues. 
only they could convey. 

I'm saved to the Holy land, 
that I had doubted would be. 

I had caused so much trouble, 
trouble to have found me. 

That I was understanding, 
that I had been redefined.

If it wasn't for Him. 
I really should have died.  

Then it was in me, 
it was fear without doubt,
that I had inside.

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