Poetry Corner

​In The Distance

By; William P. Darnell Sr.

As I gaze in the distance of the field,

a field of wildflowers and thickets.

I see in the distance, 

a blemish of temper and scorch. 

The harmony of the field is,

 plagued and tarnished by raged flame. 

As the flames makes it way through the field, 

devouring everything in it’s path. 

The wildflowers wilted and scorched, 

torn in their own beauty. 

The thickets lay blistered, 

weeping in sorrow. 

The sky brings a cool mist of rain, 

that has justice in it’s nature. 

For the field of wildflowers and thickets, 

are in harmony from the rage. 

The dance of the wildflower and thickets, 

was the beauty that I have gazed at, 

in the distance.

Written and copyrighted.  ©2001

Creative Essence’s Creative Writing®   

2000/2016         ©2013

The moral right of the author has 

been asserted.

© Author William P. Darnell Sr. 

All Rights Reserved.

International copyrights®©  2003/2016

Orig. Copyrights By IPSP


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